Coffee shops go through an estimated 250 billion cups and produce over  23 million tons of waste every year. Even cups that are recyclable or compostable end up in landfills. Although PILLLAR Forum is just one coffee shop in Northeast Minneapolis, we feel it's important to do our part in order to reduce the overall impact of our shop on the environment. 

That is  why we implemented our Reuse Program.

When you first visit PILLLAR Forum and decide to take part in the Reuse Program, you will be putting down a $10 deposit for your first stainless steel tumbler and lid.  Your first drink will be included in the $10 deposit and served to you in this set, which is now yours to take home! Enjoy your drink and reuse your tumbler as you see fit.  


On your next visit, be sure to bring your tumbler with you, and you won’t be required to pay a new deposit. Instead, you will drop your tumbler into a return bin, keeping your lid for your next drink. Place your order with our baristas, letting them know you are returning your tumbler, and they will prepare your new drink in a fresh, sanitized tumbler and receive a $0.25 discount on your beverage. Repeat this process every time you visit, and you will help us reduce waste and  your impact on the environment. 

 Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedure 

Once your tumbler is dropped in one of our return bins, a barista will collect, rinse, wash, and sanitize every tumbler in our energy efficient commercial  grade  dishwasher, before it returns to circulation.   

 Lose or Replace 

If at any point you lose a component of your set, or simply want to freshen up your lid, you are welcome to buy each component individually as well. Just ask our baristas and they will happily swap in a fresh lid for you. Please note that stainless steel tumblers and lids are dishwasher safe.   


If at any point you simply want your deposit back, please return your full set(s) and a barista will gladly issue you one full deposit refund per set.