Saturday, June 1st: Music-  Mariana Forys, Joe Kelly, Fairooz Nazifa - 6:30pm - $10

Monday, June 3rd: Music- Grim Lot, Jake Schultz, Kind City- 6:00pm - $10

Tuesday, June 4th - Music: Unattractive Giant Monster, Thirsty Giants, Dashed - 6:00pm - $10

Wednesday, June 5th - Music: Crowfather, Yare, Dungeon ThaBaptist, Knucky - 6:00pm - $10

Thursday, June 6th: Climate Happy Hour- 5:00pm (FREE!)

Friday, June 7th - CS Jam Pre-Show - Primitive Rage, Mutilation Barbecue, Skinned Alive, NOTHING 2 LOSE, Annihilation Process, Chain of Hatred - 5:00pm - $15

Saturday, June 8th - Music: New Confusion, Ty and the MyMys, Malamiko, Speed Limit 5, Atomic Nun, Courtesty 5:00pm - $10

~POP-UP At Insight Brewing Presents: Wort Tour 1:00pm-10:00pm~

Monday, June 10th - Music: Eli Lev: The Present Journey Tour 7:00pm - $10

Tuesday, June 11th: Relationship Support Forum- 6:30 (Sliding scale entry)

Wednesday, June 12th - Music: Hate Still Burns, Quiet, Nothing2Lose, STAG- 6:00pm- $12

Friday, June 14th - Music: xallofgodschildrenx, Buio Omega, Valeska Suratt, The Motion Mosaic, xsuckerpunchx 5:00pm - $15

Saturday, June 15th - Music: Oister Boy, Jonger, Easeupkid, Amatuer Hour 6:30pm - $10

Monday, June 17th - Music: Forest Fire, Honey tree, Sylvia Dieken, Bad kitchen - 6:00pm- $10

Tuesday, June 18th - Music: Waar Party, Silent Halo, Switching Fields - 6:00pm- $10

Thursday, June 20th - Music: PILLLAR-OKE 5:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday, June 22nd - Music: Oceanographer, Anna Devine, Sine Iris- 6:30pm- $10

Monday, June 24th - Music: Lena Nine, Solomon Falls, Madelyn Waves 6:00pm- $10

Tuesday, June 25th - Music: Hayes Noble, Unstable Shapes, Only Time, Daisycutter 6:00pm - $10

Wednesday, June 26th - Music: Ghosting Merit, Admiral Fox, Dilly Dally Alley 6:00pm - $10

Thursday June 27th - TBA

Friday, June 28th - Music: Ihavenoloveformenlikeyou, Jenny matrix, adomania, burrow 6:00pm- $10

Saturday, June 29th - Music: Infuriate, Oath, Disembodied Humanity, Anarky, Jenkem, Ice Everlasting 6:00pm- $10


Friday, July 5th - Music: Stop The Presses , The Prizefighters, and Goodbye Mordecai  6:30pm- $10

Friday, July 6th - Music: TBA

Monday, July 8th - Music: Corporate Death Party, Virgo, Orchid Club  6:00pm- $10

Tuesday, July 9th - Music: MYSTEE,  Poison Ivy and The People, Delicate Friend 6:00pm- $10

Friday, July 12th - Music:⋅TBA

Saturday, July 13th - Music:⋅TBA

Tuesday, July 16th - Music: Selfish Teammate Psychic Sports, Life Skills 6:00pm- $10

Wednesday, July 17th - Music: Couch Potato Massacre, My Kid Banana, The Right Here 6:00pm- $10


Friday, July 19th - Music: Night 1- Stunner, Getting Stabbed, Weeping Mask, The Blight, Gut Eater 6:00PM- $15 ADV, $17 DOS (18+)

Saturday, July 20th - Music: Night 2- Giallo, Identity Crisis, Limbs Bin, Straight Panic, Many Blessings, CBN, Gnawed, Nunn, Mair 5:00PM- $20 ADV, $22 DOS (18+)


Tuesday, July 23rd - Music: Timisarocker,  Pinched, The Light in the Ocean 6:00pm -$10

Wednesday, July 24th - Music: TBA

Thursday, July 25th - Music: Topiary Blush, Maje Adams, Bakermiller Pink 6:00pm -$10

Friday, July 26th - Music: I Want To Eat Lava And God Cannot Stop Me, Gridlick, The Briefly Gorgeous, H. Rex 6:00pm -$10

Saturday, July 27th - Music: Linus the Band, Sparrowhawk, Big Salt 6:30pm -$10

Sunday, July 28th - Music: TBA

Tuesday, July 30th - Music: Serpents Of Serenity, Squirm, Rosie, Self Titled 6:00pm -$10

Wednesday, July 31st - Music: TBA


Friday August 16th: Music - Jack Botts - 6:30pm- $15 ADV, $18 DOS - Tickets