Friday 2nd: Music - Dirtbike Boyfriend, Roadside Casino, Squanchy, Dog Gamn 6:30pm $10

Saturday 3rd: Music - Jonger, Mystery Meat, Mineral Man 6:30pm $10

Wednesday 7th: Music - The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers,  Boots & Needles, The Side Effects 6:00pm $10

Thursday 8th: Music -  Palestine Fundraiser: Rigby, Shit Dumpster, Atomic Nun, Odd Prospect, Collective Ex, Mystery Meat  5:00pm $10

Friday 9th: Music -  Prairie Clamor, Riley Skinner, Bryn Battani  6:30pm $10

Saturday 10th: Music - Rosie, Emma Jeanne, Vinny Franco  6:30pm $5

Friday 16th: Music - New Confusion, Headwar, Mold, Ode to Autumn 6:00pm $10

Saturday 17th: Music - Fuzz Lung, Izek Rose, Sockhop Massacre- 6:00pm $10

Monday 19th: Music - Trip Wire, Red Lovely, Sunsets over Flowers 6:00pm -$10

Wednesday 21st: Music - 1947, The Aftergreens, Blow the FM Radio 6:00 $10

Friday 23rd: Music - Missing Life, Hey, ILY , Haze Gazer 6:00pm $10

Saturday 24th: Music - Serpents of Serenity, J CYN, Virginias Basement, Harrison Gordon 6:00pm $10

Monday 26th: Music - The Neo Neos, Outcry, The Blood Shot, The Reverend Poky Bunge, Closet Alpha Males 6:00pm $10

Tuesday 27th: Music - Until Apocalypse, Two Weeks Past Never, Fr/end 6:00pm $10

Wednesday 28th: Music - Squirm, The Aftergreens, Yuhh 6:00pm $10

Thursday 29th: Music - Cerveza Muscular, Serious Fraud Office, DeBlitzed 6:00pm $10


Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd: PILLLAR Presents - RAGE & RESET

Monday 4th: Music- Damage, Salivus, Southbound, Barretta - 6:00 pm $10

Thursday 7th: Climate Conversation & Happy Hour - 5:00 pm - 7pm

Friday 8th: Music- Witness Chamber, Apex Predator, Slug 6:00pm $10

Saturday 9th: Music - A Sunken Ship Irony,  TBA

Tuesday 12th: The Growth Arc - Relationship Support Space 7:00pm- 9:00pm $10-$15 Sliding Scale Entry

Wednesday 13th: Music - Soul Flower, The Eli Brunelle Trio, Rose, Tarias and The Sound 6:00pm $10

Friday 15th: Music - TBA

Saturday 16th: Music - Tiger Blue, Stay at Home Astronaut, Fate and Chaos - 6:00pm $10

Wednesday 20th: Music - Sigcell, Serving Salt, Gwen- 6:30pm $10

Saturday 23th: Music -  Hush Victoria, TBA

Tuesday 26th: Music - VIN, TBA

Wednesday 27th: Music - Poundgame Addison, TBA

Friday 29th: Music - Mommy Log Balls, TBA

Saturday 30th: Music - Northern Hammer, TBA

Sunday 31st: Music - Witness Chamber, TBA