The Twin Cities has a lot of great “coffee and” shops. Coffee and bikes? You’ve got Venture North, Angry Catfish, and The Fix. Coffee and records? There’s Caydence. Coffee and books? Moon Palace. Coffee and games? Steamship. Corey Bracken wondered: Why not coffee and skateboards?

by, Em Cassel

Pilllar Skateboards is a skateboard company based here in the Twin Cities. They are the first ever climate positive skate company, laying the path for companies to take the initiative as well. Corey was such a fun guy to talk to. I hope you enjoy!

by, E.White 

PILLLAR Skateboards is based out of Minneapolis and their primary focus is about making the world a better place. Whether its planting a tree for every deck purchased, creating apparel out of recycled material, using bamboo bottles to reduce use of single use plastics, PILLLAR is a climate positive Skateboard company you NEED to pay attention to.

by, Progression Skateboard Co.

Carbon neutrality is not a term usually thrown around at your neighborhood skatepark... Corey Bracken founded PILLLAR Skateboards with the goal of becoming the world's first climate positive skateboard brand.

by, Everywhere Co-CEO Irys Kornbluth

PILLLAR brings environmentalism to the skateboard world with an extra "L"

by, Chris Delvin

PILLLAR has a simple mission: to promote skateboarding, sustainability and climate awareness for a new generation of environmentally and socially conscious  skateboarders.

by, Climate Emergency Fund staff writer