PILLLAR was founded on the idea...

that in order to reduce and slow the effects of human-made climate change, companies from all industries will need to step up and do their part when it comes to sustainability, the environment and how they do business over the years to come. 

That’s where PILLLAR comes in. 

We understand that at its core, skateboarding is about personal expression and individual freedom, and at times, to go against the grain of social norms. However, when it comes to the environment and climate change, individuals making changes from the ground up and the decisions you make, will influence businesses and governments alike to change as well.

PILLLAR is committed to being 100% transparent with our impact on the environment and the decisions we make as a business. Whether it be the materials we use in manufacturing our skateboards and apparel, our emissions from shipping and travel, or our office activities that produce waste such as packaging and electricity usage, our Carbon Footprint page will track the carbon emissions for everything we do.

Our goal is to be the world’s first Climate Positive skateboard company. That means we will remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we’re putting into it and help reduce the impact to the environment from human activity.

We know there are many choices when it comes to purchasing a skateboard and there are amazing companies doing great things for skateboarding. However, when you chose PILLLAR, we want you to be confident that your choice is making a positive impact on the environment and that together we’re making a push to slow climate change and provide a sustainable future for everyone.