Skate, Sip, and Celebrate Sustainability

Welcome to PILLLAR, your destination for eco-friendly skateboards, specialty coffee, and a thriving community atmosphere. Founded in 2020, with our coffee shop—PILLLAR Forum—opening its doors in Spring 2022, we've aimed to provide a unique space where skateboarding, cafe-culture, music and environmentalism converge. Located in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, PILLLAR is more than just a business; we're a community hub committed to sustainability and social good. 

Our Journey...

PILLLAR was born out of a vision to expose skateboarders to the importance of environmentalism. We believe in leveraging our passions—be it skateboarding, coffee, or music—to make a tangible impact on the climate crisis. 

What We Offer 


We provide high-quality skateboards designed with the modern skater in mind. But what sets us apart is our commitment to the environment. In partnership with the National Forest Foundation, for every skateboard we sell, a tree is planted. 


We offer a selection of apparel, including hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and beanies, all made from organic and/or recycled materials. 


Whether you're in the mood for a creamy latte, a handcrafted pour-over, or just a quick pastry, our coffee shop has something for everyone. PILLLAR Forum serves as a coffee shop and multi-genre music venue, adding a cultural dimension to your cafe experience. 

Sustainability at Its Core 

We walk the talk when it comes to sustainability. Not only do we plant a tree for every skateboard sold, but we also emphasize the use of organic and recycled materials in our apparel and packaging. At the PILLLAR Forum, we are committed to reducing single-use items and promoting reusables. Wherever possible, we use compostable materials to minimize our environmental footprint. 

Music, Art and Community

PILLLAR is not just a store or a coffee shop; it's a community space. We host regular events aimed at bringing people together and fostering community spirit. Plus, our art gallery features monthly art shows, adding an artistic flair to our space.