The primary Purpose of this handbook is to share thoughts and ideas about PILLLAR. What we’re about, our culture, history, and how we like to do things. We will also be including several important documents at the back for you to reference such as Minnesota workplace policies and guidelines. We may sometimes alter the handbook every so often to make sure that the information is accurate. Whatever version of the handbook is behind the counter at the Forum is the handbook that should be referenced and we will do our best to discard old information that could lead to confusion. Employees should make sure to reference the handbook often while working to stay up to date.

Intro to PILLLAR and the Forum

Welcome to our Forum! What is PILLLAR Forum you ask…?  Started in 2021, PILLLAR Forum is a new project in association with PILLLAR Skateboards! We are a specialty coffee shop located in beautiful northeast Minneapolis. Our goal is to create a community gathering space where friends, people from the neighborhood and can gather and drink delicious specialty coffee beverages together. We aim to deliver a next level café experience with quality as the main focus. Our shop is also unique because of its retail element. In addition to the coffee, we also offer an additional retail product wall featuring our branded PILLLAR products such as skateboards and clothing. 

What to Expect While Working at the Forum

Our goal with the forum is to not only be an awesome place to hang out, but also a great place to work! That’s where you come in! At PILLLAR we strive to make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, while also hoping to have some fun behind the bar as well. To help employees better understand what it’s like working at PILLLAR, we have compiled a list of traits that we believe our worker should have in order to be successful while working at PILLLAR. We also compiled a list of specific examples of what may be expected of you while working a shift. Many of these things are basic things workers may experience at any customer service job, but a few are specific to this shop.


• Positive attitude, great communication, and strong leadership skills.  

• Passionate about coffee and other craft beverages 

 • Strong knowledge, background, and experience in coffee preparation, bar management and hospitality.  

 • Detail-oriented and excellent organization skills  

 • Ability to solve problems and prioritize important tasks  

 • Self-motivated with the ability to manage independently 

• Capable of handling sensitive and confidential information  

 • Basic computer skills and technological troubleshooting  

 • Ability to manage projects and hold others accountable for job performance 

 *Must be able to lift over 50lbs easily and job may involve bending and squatting several times per shift.