We Have a Problem: Fast Fashion

We Have a Problem: Fast Fashion

Do you know the impact the clothing you wear has on the environment?

"Fast Fashion" is a strain on the planet, the environment and the clothing industry.

The push to keep up with the ever changing taste in fashion drives the use of cheap and toxic materials and questionable business practices in order to cut costs and deliver goods at an unsustainable rate. 

Choices you make when it comes to purchases and the clothing you wear can have far reaching impact on the supply chain as a whole.

Here are some facts that will keep you informed when making future purchases. 

1. Impacts on natural resources. 

2. The time it takes for clothing to decompose in landfills.

3. Emissions caused by manufacturing.

4. The only planet we have available.

5. Clothing made by eco-friendly companies can reduce the impact on the environment.

6. Things you can do that will lessen the stress the clothing industry has on the environment.

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