Winter has me feelin'...

all sorts of ways. As Minnesotans, if we aren't complaining about the weather, it must be July. I love the seasons, I really do. But winter, even though we're just in the early stages of it, can be an absolute drain. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. 

 I do my damndest to make the most of it; indoor skateparks, snowboarding, afternoon walks, but holy shit, it's December and I'm already daydreaming of hot and humid summer days. 

Just know you're not alone when you're going through the stuff. Reach out to a friend, hit up a skatepark, go bowling, get out of the house. The days will start getter longer soon. We'll get through it together.


PILLLAR Gift Guide

Still wondering what to get that special skater in your life, or maybe, a little something for yourself? Here's a guide to what we have in the shop. 

And, as an extra bonus, from today until 12/18, take an extra 15% off your entire purchase at when you use discount code LASTMINUTE15

The Characters Hoodie. Designed by local Minneapolis designer/screen printer/awesome human, Ethan Buck of Yarborough Print Shop. Probably my favorite hoodie graphic we've done to date. Ethan came up with some new doodles and added a couple of his go-to favorites holding up PILLLAR. 

Available in size Small - XXL



The Reaper board. The moment I saw this design from local Minneapolis artist Evan Weselmann I knew it was going to be a hit and sure enough, it was. We only have a few of these left, so grab one while you can. 

Available in 8.25 and 8.5

Have you in search of a coffee that hits all the right notes? Well, you're in luck. Supernova, by Silverbird Roasters is that coffee. We use it all of our espresso drinks at PILLLAR Forum, but will taste just as good brewed at home.

The perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Whether you're a regular at PILLLAR Forum, or have just admired from afar, bring a little piece of the shop home for the holidays with our Shop Mug.

What a Difference a Year Makes

As I sit here writing in the Gold Gallery at PILLLAR Forum and look at a cafe full of people drinking coffee, talking with one another, and heads buried in work, I'm reminded of how far we've come in a year. 

I scrolled through my photos on my phone and found that almost exactly a year ago, we just finished painting the ceiling. At the time, I remember thinking "we're almost done!" Hah, how naive was that statement?

At some point I'll do a full one year recap on the Forum, but as 2022 comes to a close, it's always good to look back at the year on how far you've come and how much you've accomplished in one short year.

Pay to Play

Injuries are as much of a part of skateboarding as holes in your shoes and broken boards. No matter how good you are, how much you practice, how much you train, you're going to get injured, it's inevitable.

Coach Devante can speak to that.

Devante recently tore 5 ligaments in his ankle while skating and just had surgery on Monday (12/12) to put him back together again. This is a path that Devante is all too familiar with, but I'll let him speak to that when he's back up and at it. 

One thing I will share with you, is that his orthopedic surgeon, after having seen video of the injury, was surprised it wasn't worse that it was. Devante attributes that directly to the year-round training he does to keep himself in shape and 


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