It's been a while... since we've last sent out our weekly newsletter, but hey, we've been up to some shit. Opened a cafe, started a skateboarding fitness gym and been dropping new boards and apparel all along the way, so cut us some slack.

We promise, going forward, we're going to put the "weekly" back into Weekly Newsletter.

Each week we'll give a little insight as to what's going on in each area of PILLLAR. Something Skate related. What's going on at the Forum cafe. And, some Fit tips that will keep you on your board or get you back on your board.


SOTY - Who you got?

It's that time of year again when all the talk is around who's going to get SOTY. If you're on any social media platform and wound up in the skate algorithm, it's basically down to these 3. 

Who's your pick?


Music. Music. Music.

So, I guess we're a music venue now too. We've been hosting shows at PILLLAR for a couple of months now, and each time our expectations are surpassed. The music scene in Minneapolis is as strong as ever, so stop in this weekend and get a little taste of music along with some coffee.

Friday 12/9 6:30

$10 cover - all ages

Benefit show for Corner House: Fighting to end child abuse



Saturday 12/10 6:30pm

$10 cover - all ages

Rock out with your sock out.

Blue Driver

Old Prospect

Flying Buzz

Sunday 12/11 9am - Noon


Come listen do the dulcet tones of Mark Perkins while you enjoy your Sunday Coffee

PILLLAR Fit Gym Build

Achieving the “end” goal, it's what we all see on social media and what most of us are running blindly to. What if I (Coach Devante) told you the real value of any goal is the PROCESS of getting there? 

I know crazy right? For real take a second and think, what comes with you putting in the work to get that kickflip, car, new house, heavier lift, or even acing that test you had coming?! 


Here is an example from a more recent event in my life:

The process of building the new PILLLAR Fit Coaching Gym! See, from the moment Corey & myself decided we were doing this thing I already knew exactly what I wanted this place to look & feel like. From the all-black colors, and the little skateboard/snowboard vibe, to the more functional side of training and the equipment we utilize. The thing(s) I didn't know are as follows:

  • there would be a moment when I LOST Corey completely in the dust cloud from tearing down the ceiling
  • the plan of a 1-month build.....well just that, the plan usually never goes as planned
  • how many late nights and BEYOND early mornings I would have to work overtime to get things cleaned 
  • how many times I would have to clean one space……..SO MANY TIMES
  • that the gym would be even BETTER than I had pictured it in the first place

The point of all this: 

The process was so dang fun! Also is why we are where we are and why we are changing clients’ lives. When you put your all into something, the results will come. You just have to be willing to go along with the PROCESS of getting there! 

Click here to watch the entire process on our YouTube Channel -> PILLLAR Fit Gym Build


P.S. Coaching slots are AVAILABLE now! You can follow this link to book a consultation & change your life today. Book Your Consultation


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