The Drop In vol.04

The Drop In vol.04

World Street Men's Championship - Japan Takes 2 of 3 Top Spots

If you still don't think skateboarding should be an Olympic event, this probably won't convince you otherwise, but the level of talent displayed in Rome over the past weekend at the World Skateboarding Championship, is nothing short of Olympic quality.

You can catch the full video here(note, this is edited horribly by someone at Red Bull and they should immediately be fired). 

Here are my standout tricks, in order, from the top 3 skaters:

1. Yuto Horigome (Japan) - nollie 270 switch  backside tail

2. Nyjah Huston (USA) - nollie heelflip backside lip to fakie 

3. Sora Shirai (Japan) - cab backside tail to bigspin (toe drag)


Shampoo Bars - A Review

In my ongoing quest to eliminate plastic from daily use, I was recently gifted shampoo and conditioner bars, for my birthday.

I'll preface this review by stating that I'm really not at all picky with my shampoo and at most, wash my hair twice a week. And I'm sure you've all been dying for shampoo advice from a skater-guy, but don't let that dissuade you, these things are legit.

I've broken this review down into the 3 categories. Categories in which I think all shampoo should be rated from this point forward.

1. Smell - They smell good. The bars that I have are more of neutral fragrance, but they still have a nice non-offensive, but pleasant smell.  I give it a 7 of 10.

2. Ease of use - The application process is as follows; take the bar and rub it around your head, you'll quickly feel the suds starting to form, massage that in like you would any other shampoo, then rinse. Pretty standard operating procedures. I also have a wooden stand to put the wet bars on so they don't leave a soapy mess on the shower. I give it a 9-10.

3. Effectiveness - So far so good. I've only been using the bars for about a week (2 washes), but I would say my hair actually feels better than the last shampoo I was using. I'm going to give this a 'To Be Determined.' 

Overall I find the experience of using bar shampoo versus bottled shampoo pretty negligible, however by eliminating another piece of plastic from my home, I give the edge to the bars. 


Breaking Boundaries:  The Science of Our Planet (Netflix)

The momentI see a new David Attenborough documentary arrive on any streaming service, I watch it. And this film was no exception. 

I'm not sure how many of these types of docs are needed to hammer the "climate change is a big f'n problem" are needed, but if you haven't seen any of the other 'Inconvenient Truth-ish' type docs, then please watch this one.

One of the biggest take aways in this film, is the study of the 9 planetary boundaries and where they stand on a scale from "Safe" to "High-Risk."

Here's the aforementioned 9 and where we currently sit on the scale:

1.  Ocean acidification: Safe

2. Fresh Water: Safe

3. Ozone Layer: Safe

4. Climate - Danger

5. Forest Loss - Danger

6. Nutrients: High-risk

7. Bio-Diversity: High-risk 

8. Air pollution: Unsure

9. Novel Entities Pollution  (human-caused pollution): Unsure 

What I like about this film is they don't leave you hanging and actually give some actionable advice on how we as both individuals and collectively can slow down, halt and in some cases reverse the damage that has already been done.

1. Plant trees. Whether it's 1 or 1,000,000, trees are the most cost-effective simple ways to help the environment. 

- Stabilize climate

- freshwater

-  benefits for food production 

2.  Flexitarian Diet. With choosing to go vegetarian or vegan not an option for most people, if everyone can switch to a more flexitarian diet, the impact will be global. 

- less red meat

- more plant based protein

-  more fruit and nuts

- less starchy foods

3.  Circular Economies and Eliminate Waste. I get it, your waste doesn't pale in comparison to the waste of giant companies, but if we can all focus on trying to use more sustainable and eco-friendly products, in aggregate, it will have an impact. 

What we do between 2020 and 2030 will be the most decisive decade for the future of human's life on Earth.


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