Stay In Your Lane

Stay In Your Lane

You see this in all areas of life, the idea that people and businesses should forever be pigeon holed into the one thing that they’re recognized for and have no right to do or say anything outside of that perception. 

Stay in your lane.

The thinking is; that an actor is just an actor and should only talk about movies. That an athlete is just an athlete and should only talk about pick and rolls or how to read a cover 2 defense. And that a skateboard company is just a skateboard company and can only talk about video parts and debate overcrooks versus nosegrinds.

I feel it’s time we rethink this phrase.

People are more than their occupation and dare I say, that a company, even a skateboard company, has more to it than just their product or industry.

Being an environmentally-conscious business, we’ve heard our fair share of “stay in your lane,” comments over the years, but much like an interstate highway, we have many lanes and are more than comfortable driving in any one of them.

When we started PILLLAR and made it our mission to be the world’s first climate-positive skateboard company, we knew that it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and you know what? that’s ok. 

Our goal was never to please everyone that crossed our path, or to try to be like every other skate company out there, our goal is to be true to ourselves and provide an outlet for skaters that are looking for something that aligns to their values, with their lanes. 

So, instead of “staying in our lane” we will instead “stay in our highway.” And trust me, our highway has many lanes. 


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