PILLLAR RV Blog 2: Winterize

PILLLAR RV Blog 2: Winterize

There's something poetic about the word "winterize." Oxford defines it as "to adapt or prepare for use in cold weather." For those of us that live in the North, this usually starts around the time the last leaves loosen their grasp of the branches they've known since Spring and silently fall to the ground below. It's preparing for the next 5 months of cold temperatures, short days, long nights and the worst of it, very little skateboarding.

As it relates to HaRVey (the unofficial name of the PILLLAR RV), winterize is the process of draining the water and running antifreeze through the pipes to prevent cracking and ultimately destroying the plumbing. 

In both cases, winterizing is 100% necessary to safely get you through the winter and survive both mentally and physically until Spring. 

Tomorrow I leave Minnesota for the first time in a year in search of warmer weather, greener grass and skate-able terrain. 

The whole purpose of purchasing this RV was and is, to go to where skaters are and bring PILLLAR to them. To discuss skateboarding, the environment and ways that each of us can make small changes in our lives to be more sustainable in the attempt to leave the planet a little better than we came into it.

I do this with the full understanding that an RV is probably one of the biggest polluters on the road and that driving around the country in it, I'm contributing to the problem. So PILLLAR will be donating $0.03 for every mile driven to Clear to help offset our carbon footprint from this gas guzzling hog.

With that being said, I'm so excited to start traveling again and hopefully we can meet at a skatepark near you.

Here's a few before and after photos of HaRVey. Enjoy.


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