PILLLAR RV Blog 1: Renovations Begin

PILLLAR RV Blog 1: Renovations Begin

PILLLAR is hitting the road....after a few minor renovations.

One of my plans for PILLLAR from the onset was to be on the road and meeting up with skaters on their turf. Whether that be skateparks, skate shops or the streets, the promotion of skateboarders doing amazing things and raising awareness to the impacts of climate change is a core value of PILLLAR.

With the purchase of this 'yet to be named' RV, will give us the opportunity to do just that.

One of my biggest hesitations of purchasing an RV for a climate positive skateboard company, is the notoriously bad gas mileage and impact that that has on the environment via carbon emissions. So to offset that impact, we'll be partnering with an organization called Clear. Clear offsets carbon emissions by investing in carbon reducing projects around the world. Each of their projects is independently certified by QAS, which is the highest standard of certification.

We'll track every mile driven and offset those emissions by donating back to Clear.

This blog will be used to track the progress on the renovations as well as the multiple trips and activities we have planned to reach the skate community around the country.

If you have any suggestions on places we should visit, leave them in the comments below or you can always reach out to me directly at corey@pilllar.com 

Captain's seat.

Renovations have begun.

First project was to lay new flooring in the kitchen section.

Honestly, who's bright idea was it to put carpet around the toilet? This person should be fired immediately. 


Lot's of ideas to make this feel like "home."

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