One Board. One Tree.

One Board. One Tree.

PILLLAR is the world's first eco-friendly climate positive skateboard company and in doing so, we have committed to planting a tree for every board we sell.

  • Over its lifetime, a single tree will absorb over 1 tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 
  • Deforestation is one of the leading causes of climate change. By planting trees we can help offset the loss of natural forests and reduce the impact.
  • Trees are a renewable resource and though we hate to see any tree fall, they can be used for many good uses such as homes and of course skateboards.
  • We're currently living through the sixth great extinction and are witnessing a loss of species unlike any other time in human history. Trees provide food and habitat for the many of those species that share this planet. 

  • This is a good start, but we still have a lot of work to do.

    Over the coming months PILLLAR will be announcing more initiatives to help reduce the impact of human-made climate change and taking part in activities to clean our environment. 


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