How To Keep Doing What You Love ("Longevity" Approach To Training) PRT 3

How To Keep Doing What You Love (
Shoot the way I look at this, we could all die TODAY (I know pretty morbid), so why would we train with an approach to longevity?
I have heard this question asked time and time again as a coach and it makes total sense as to why you would ask this question. Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to check out PRT1 & PRT2 of this blog series because they both bring to light what I mean by a longevity approach to training.
All I mean by “Longevity Approach To Training” is that we almost all can follow a couple of simple rules in our training program (no matter the goal) to ensure we can keep doing the things we love doing. For example, if you are someone who loves to skateboard, you do not want your training to get in the way of the skating itself or not training which can just leave you open to more injuries. Here is another example for those who do not skateboard, maybe you love going on hikes on the weekend but you have a training routine that has been leaving you too sore to even think about going on that hike.
This is what I mean when I say coming at this whole training thing with that longevity approach in mind. Follow these tips in the blog series and you will have the tools to feel confident in what you are doing within your training routine that it will benefit you here and now and most importantly, into the future!
One last thing before I give you the third round of these tips. While you are reading them, stop and think about your training (and if you are looking at getting into training some more, then use these tips as you start your training journey to make sure it is in the front of your brain when picking exercises, sets, reps weights, etc).
Now that you have taken the time to pause & think of your training, let’s get into the third tip!
TIP 3:
This one seems to be overlooked the most, but at the same time if implemented correctly you are going to benefit TEN FOLD from training in each plan of motion.
What is a plan of motion you ask?
Well here’s your answer:
There are 4 planes of motion, the planes of motion are:
Let's quickly break down each plane of motion:
Breaks the body into front and back halves. As if you were split into two with your butt being one side and the front of the body being the other half. Now, what kind of movements would this include?
Squat jumps
Box Jumps


I am sure you are starting to see the direction these
movements take!
Breaks the body into two separate halves, the right side being one, and the left side is the other. Same concept here but now we think of those two halves being split between left and right. So, what kind of movements would this look like?
Dumbbell bicep curls
Single arm tricep pushdown
Single arm dumbbell chest press
Single arm dumbbell rows
Lateral lunges 
Single-leg Romanian deadlifts


I am confident you can see the direction these movements take! 
This breaks the body into top and bottom halves. Think of your legs just walking right away from your body at the hips, and the rest of you were just floating there, this is the transverse plane.
Now this one based on how it splits the body up can be a confusing one to grasp, so you can think of it like this. If the body is split from top to bottom, it means we can move one half of the body (lower or upper) while the other half STAYS PUT! Or that you are FIGHTING both the top and bottom halves of the body from rotation.
These movements would be things like:
Russian twists
Med ball rotational slams/throws
Plank with rotation
Side planks (ISO & Dynamic) 
Bear crawls (DONE CORRECTLY)
Cable chops
Single arm row with rotation
Lunge & twist
Rotational box jumps


I am sure now you can see, that these involve either ROTATION or FIGHTING ROTATION. Now there are a couple of other training concepts that I think would make a movement fall in this category, but more on that in another blog!
We all know the time, we are all living it each day. I mean, you are taking the time to read this blog right now!
So how does this apply to our training and planes of motion?!?
Well, luckily I picked this up from some great mentors/teachers along the way. Shout out to Pre-Script (if you are a coach or athlete who wants to know the ins and outs of biomechanics, this is the place to go. They got certs, programs, and even a monthly sub plan for coaches to continue to learn each day. Check them out HERE), Mindpump, Joe Defranco, just to name a few of the sources where I have learned what I am about to talk about.
So you ready?!
Time is often OVERLOOKED and is one of the things you can easily change in your training no matter where you are, what equipment you have, and almost if not every movement you do.
You can manipulate (change) the TIME in your training by focusing on a couple of different things. Here is a simplified way to break this down:
  • Going slower on the eccentric (lowering) phase of a movement (an example of this would be in a squat, when you are going down trying to get ass to grass, you are going as slow as you can, you can even time this for a more accurate tracking method. Another example would be in a bicep curl, when you are lowering the dumbbell down to your side you are going slow and preferably for a set period) 
  • Pausing at the END RANGE of your movement (an example for this would be if you are squatting, at the BOTTOM of that squat you are pausing for some time. Another example would be in a bicep curl, at the top when you are at the biggest squeeze, you are pausing and holding that squeeze) 
  • Going as fast as you can in your movement (CAUTION, THIS IS FOR THOSE WITH MORE OF A TRAINING HISTORY) (an example of this would be best used for things like dynamic effort work, things like a squat, where you go down with control then on the way up you go as FAST as you possibly can. Another example would be just a basic squat jump, you could either do the entire movement fast with the appropriate rest between jumps to get your full output on each jump, or you could load down slow, then EXPLODE FAST on the way up, again pausing between each jump to get your full output out of each jump)

 Now that we have covered those planes of motion, why is it important to our training to make sure we hit EACH PLANE if we are looking at training through a longevity lens?

Well here is the thing, if you just train in ONE single plan all of the time, what do you think can happen? 
I’ll tell you.
Your body adapts to just getting strong and efficient in that plane of motion! This means, that if you have to ever just even move in one of those other planes, you are now more susceptible to getting injured. No one wants that! Another thing to keep in mind is just your overall PERFORMACE as a human!
As I stated at the beginning of this blog, I could walk out of the shop today, get hit by a car, and that's the end of me right there. But, I would say the longevity of my training (9+ years) was a success and only failed due to me being taken out of the game.
With that, think of how moving in all these different ranges can adhere to you performing your BEST in just daily activities as we age. Even kids today do not play like I even did when I was younger and I am only 25, so with that, I think it is a smart idea to look at your training, even just your overall DAY.
Think how often you move in each range, and then flavor in the ones you are not doing as much.
Here is a hint: most of us (meaning the general population) don’t rotate or move side to side very much!
If you are still reading, I want to first thank you myself, then ask you to thank yourself! If you already knew these things, I am sure it jogged some memory for you, and if you have NEVER thought about any of this, then now you have the resource to check back to and start implementing these training techniques into your life right now!


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