4 Things to Know: World's First Climate Positive Skateboard Company

Do you ever stop and think about how much waste there is in skateboarding? Between broken decks, destroyed shoes, old clothes and the packaging all this stuff  is delivered in, our footprint is larger than you probably think. 

PILLLAR’s goal is to bring awareness to that issue and as a skateboard company, to do things a little differently.

1. We plant a tree for every skateboard we sell. Trees are one of the best ways to naturally remove carbon from the atmosphere. Plus, without trees there’s no skateboards, so we’re also helping our future generations of skaters .

2. All of our apparel is made from post-consumer waste, which uses less water and has a smaller carbon footprint than using new materials. We get it, if we didn’t sell any apparel, then we wouldn’t be contributing to the problem at all, but skaters gotta wear clothes, so they might as well be sustainable in doing so.

3. Our packing is 100% recycled and biodegradable. That’s the boxes themselves, the tape we use, the shipping labels...everything. All you gotta do is pop it in the recycling bin.

4. We’re the world’s first Carbon Positive skateboard company. That means  every month, we calculate our carbon footprint and offset that by planting trees and donating to organizations whose mission is to reduce carbon from the atmosphere.

There ya have it. 

PILLLAR is not just another skateboard company and we may not be for everyone, but we want to lead by example and give you a place to go if you are someone who has thought about these things and sustainability and your impact on the world is a priority.

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