3 Best Things: Shane O'Neil - The Extra Bit

3 Best Things: Shane O'Neil - The Extra Bit

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Shane O’Neil’s latest part “The Extra Bit” premiered and to be honest, it’s taken me about that long to really comprehend just how spectacular this part is.

Now I take it upon myself the nearly impossible task of pairing back this 4 minute 35 second masterpiece to just 3 highlights, but that’s what I do. So here it goes.

Here’s the 3 Best Things about The Extra Bit.

1. Shane O'Neil. Is there a better all around skater in the business right now? He's got tech, he's got rails, he's got flip tricks, he's got switch. On top of that, from everything I know, have read, and have seen, Shane is an all around great human and 100% deserving of all that comes his way, including his new shoe. This part shows off all of the talents that makes him the world's top skater.

2. Front switch-flip, blunt

3. The best one-two-three punch of back to back to back tech clips in the history of skate parts. Prove me wrong.

    1. Back crook, nollie flip, late shuv
    2. Bigspin, front blunt, big flip
    3. Nollie flip, back nose, back shuv, crook

My head hurts after just typing that out.

There you have it, The Extra Bit.

And full disclosure, I did run out and purchase a pair of Nike SB Shane’s after watching this part. So I guess this part truly did it’s job.

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