3 Best Things: Nike SB Japan WAMONO Video

Everything about this video is great; the vibe, the music, the skating, so do yourself a favor and take the ten minutes to watch all of it.

But, here are the 3 Best Things about it:

1. Japan’s Skate Spots: I don’t think I saw a single skate-stopper in the entire video. Serious question, is Japan one giant street park? I’m looking at you America, you could stand to take a page from the Japanese playbook on this one.

2. Yuto Horigome: Sure he only had 7 tricks, but damn were they smooth. And that back smith was a thing of beauty. 4:45

3. Taihou Tokura’s massive pop-in. His entire party was full of creativity and precision, but it was that pop-in on, what looked to be a 5 story quarter pipe in the middle of a business district, that got me rewinding the video over and over. 7:25

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