3 Best Things: Heroin Earth Goblin Video

3 Best Things: Heroin Earth Goblin Video

Heroin Skateboards dropped a video this week, via Thrasher (of course), and I have to say...I'm impressed. Not a fan of the music choices, but music licensing is expensive, so they get a pass in that department. 

Lots to see in the video, but here are the 3 Best Things:

1. The gnarliest skate spots: see images for proof.

Any ditch that has a milk carton floating down it, you know is gnarly. 

Just look at the divots on this hubba.

2a. Craig Questions: Really enjoyed his part, but even more so, I really enjoy Craig Questions. Check out the documentary The Garden of England and you'll understand why. Such an interesting dude and has a profound and unique respect for the environment. 

2b. Kickflip Late Shuv: I mean...

3. Dead Dave Parking Garage Line: The speed. The foot in frame. The smoothness. The line.


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