3 Best Things: Aurelien Giraud Street Part

3 Best Things: Aurelien Giraud Street Part

Let me start by saying that in my opinion Aurelien Giruad, the 22 year old Frenchmen who went pro for Plan B earlier this year, is one of the best skaters in the game right now.

However, his new “Street Part” that dropped last week, fell flat for me. From the music (P & S) to the filming/editing (Julien Dellion)…and dare I say the skating, this part never really came together. Now that might sound crazy for a part where the opening trick is a tre down a massive 14 stair, but that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

I’m not saying it’s all bad. Not even close. But, from the bangers that Giruad has been dropping almost daily on Instagram, his absolute demolition of the Berrics and the fact this is his first video since turning pro, my expectations for this video when I saw it pop on my YouTube feed were extremely high. And it left me saying…"meh."

Side note; can filmers/editors please stop using those faux super 8 film effect? I swear it rears it’s ugly head in every part. What’s the point? Someone please tell me.

On to the skating and the 3 Best Things about Aurelien Giraud’s Street Part.

1. Nollie front blunt: Clean. 

2. Frontside over-crook: This is the level of tricks I expected in this part, too bad they were few and far between. 

3. 13 stair hardflip: As per usual, I'm a sucker for a big ol' hardflip. 

Bonus Bits

1. Front smith to cartwheel

2. This ice cream cone (because now I’m hungry and now I have to go to DQ).

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