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We teamed up with Neil Markham aka Not Just Moons to commission two of the most unique boards we've released to date. You can check out his other work HERE

PILLLAR skateboards are constructed of 7 plies of 100% American Maple. Cold pressed and moisture controlled during pressing, keeps the integrity of the wood's natural strength, which will give you a consistent and reliable feel for every session.

Our skateboards are printed on natural wood and abstain from using dyes or other chemical coloring. 

PILLLAR Skateboards has partnered with the National Forest Foundation and will plant a tree with each board sold. Forests are the best way to remove carbon from the atmosphere and each tree planted removes 48 pounds of carbon every year. 

Skateboard Details:

Steep Concave

  • 8.13" x 32.25" Deck, Wheelbase = 14.25"
  • 8.25 x 32.25" Dec, Wheelbase = 14.25"
  • 8.38" x 32.25" Deck, Wheelbase = 14.25"

Mellow Concave

  • 8.13" x 32.25" Deck, Wheelbase = 14.25"
  • 8.38" x 32.25" Deck, Wheelbase = 14.25"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Simon Fisher
good board

I Haven't been skating for that long this is only my third deck, but definitely the best out of them. I love the shape and it feels very durable, though I am only 130 pounds and not jumping down big drops. Also a really cool graphic

Logan Hanson
Sick deck

This deck came in the mail sooo fast! I love the graphic and the quality of the deck is really nice. I see myself being able to skate this for a hot minute

Jacob Wetzstein

Board is great! siick pop love skating pilllar boards!

Corissa Jones
Skater dog Addie Mae gives it 4 paws 🐾

Addie Mae loves her new board!!! She already tried it out in the ice & snow!! Such a great board for her to learn turns on and fits her great!!

Christopher Torres
Board is LIT!

Haven’t skated my board yet but just from standing on the deck I can tell this board is perfect for me! (Mellow 8.3) Received my board quickly and on time! Also very excited to see the packing paper was newspaper, I’m all for recycling and sustainability!! CANT WAIT TO SKATE THIS!

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