Have you ever wondered how skaters have the strength, flexibility and balance to do what they do on their board? We've created a new customized fitness program that gives you the tools to answer that question.

Whether your goals are to improve at skateboarding, build new skills, or increasing your overall fitness, training with these three principles will adhere to longevity and consistent progression:   

 Movement | Strength | Performance

Working on the stabilizing muscles by loading the tissue through your ability to take a joint through a full range of motion. This is the combination of mobility and stability to ensure the body is a cable of movement in which it can stabilize itself.    

 With that, you have training focused on building strength specific to your needs and what you are training for. This will not only increase performance but having a foundation of strength will keep the body safe.   

PILLLAR FIT believes in doing what you love and being able to continue doing that throughout life. Founded through our own recoveries and training as well as coaching multiple different clients that training based upon these three principles is the way to do what we love while managing our risk of injury. In turn, leading you down the path of longevity while still adhering to the performance demands of your life.¬† ¬† ‚Äč

What People are saying

Anybody that wants to move better and feel good throughout the day, it makes a huge difference...I can feel confident in my movements. 

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- Brad Hay

I was dealing with a lot of lower back pain and was looking for a solution to get more years of comfortable skateboarding. I learned a lot about different movements to open areas of my body and principles of eating. Back pain went away, body feels better and I can skate for a lot longer these days.

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- Mark Rodriguez